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Silent Surrender
Surrender Series: Book Two

May 26, 2023

Federal Agent, Gretchen Christensen, is back in Silent Surrender.

And this time, things are even more complicated than before.

What could possibly be more complicated than falling for her brother's bad boy best friend who works for the man she's undercover trying to take down?

Returning to her hometown and a family she's never quite fit in with for a new assignment. Working undercover to be…well…herself- or a made up version of who her family thinks she is. All for the sake of protecting her older sister who’s got a target of her own on her back.

But, things are not what they seem and all too soon the truth must come out.

With Gretchen’s life hanging in the balance, Finn knows he’s going to have to silently surrender to his own demons and self-doubt if he ever wants a chance at forever with her.

Join these two in this edge-of-your-seat, page-turning, romantic suspense from HM Thomas!



HM Thomas grew up in a southern town creating worlds bigger and more dramatic than her own. She credits her dad’s nightly story times for her love of the written word and her mom’s devotion to Days of Our Lives for her love of dramatic fiction.
HM was writing fan-fiction long before it was a thing, taking the characters from her mom’s soaps or her own books and creating even more twists and turns for them. As she got older, she wrote her own friends into the plots. Some of them are still there.
After graduating from Clemson University, HM got her own Happily Ever After and decided to start writing them for her characters as well. She began focusing on romance, oftentimes mixed with suspense.
When not writing, HM enjoys traveling and hiking with her husband, three children and rescue dog. On a good day, she can be found with a book in her hand. On a really good day, there will be sand or a campfire.

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John Geddes

"Light a campfire and everyone's a storyteller."


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